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weight-loss-by-pranic-healingFrom ayurveda spas and herbal treatments to beauty salons, billions of dollars are spent each year on cosmetic procedures. Pranic Healing has no-touch energy treatments that will make all those wrinkles, age spots and saggy skin on your face disappear in a matter of minutes giving you a fresh, youthful. What if you could.
  • Get rid of all your excess fat with just a few hand movements?
  • Strengthen those skinny legs and arms without weight gain pills or protein shakes?
  • all your wrinkles and age spots disappear without the need for any expensive spa treatments or beauty salons.

Pranic Healing can help one lose weight by regulating the appetite, removing excessive cravings for food and sugar, removing negative emotional energy that may be contributing to the weight gain, as well as increasing one’s will power. Also, in a Weight Loss Session we cleanse the fat cells to help the body lose weight faster. To accelerate the weight loss, we strongly suggest that the client commits to a 8 week process. Everyone heals at a different pace. Sometimes results are seen immediately, sometimes it make take a few sessions. Meditation. It is strongly suggested that the client does the Twin Hearts Meditation every day to accelerate the weight loss. The full 8 week program includes a FREE meditation cd, diet guideline, and an overview of the Pranic breathing. The exercises have a wide array of benefits including strengthening the physical body, increasing creativity and balancing sex drive, as well as bringing a tremendous amount of life force or Prana to various organs and systems of the body. These simple exercises take only a few minutes a day and in general help the body stay youthful and strong.

Sessions are offered in our center. If you choose to commit to the full 8 weeks a price break will be offered. In order to make use of our this service, kindly make an enquiry.

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